Light alloys for automotive: the challenges of NADIA Project
April 16, 2010
The results of the NADIA Research Project (New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys, Contract n. 026563-2) will be presented in this meeting. NADIA is a project financed by the European Union with 7.2 million Euros, involving 26 industrial and university partners in the 2006-2010 period. NADIA project has been aimed at exploring, for the European transport industry, the potential of light alloys to produce components and systems for cars and trucks through the use of nano- and micro-technologies. Obviously, a 4- years and complex research project can not be summarised in a short meeting. However, NADIA partners would like to invite all the industrial and academic players in the field of light alloys casting at this event, offering an overview of some scientific topics and of their practical implementation in design and production of automotive components.


International Mini-Master
Advanced casting design of automotive components
June 22nd-26th, 2009
Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali
Università di Padova, sede di Vicenza
Str. S. Nicola, 3
Vicenza (Italy)


International Summer School on Aluminium Alloys
8th International Summer School on ALUMINIUM ALLOY TECHNOLOGY
Trondheim, Norway
August 21st - August 25th 2006
Casting and Solidification of Aluminium- and Magnesium Alloys