NADIA European Project - New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys


NADIA will exploit the potential of light multifunctional alloys for car and truck components and systems through advances in nano & micro technologies. The project has the following multi-level S&T objectives:

Final level:

  • to produce light alloys cast component prototypes for the EU transport industry, as proof-of-concept of the intelligent processing strategy;
  • to integrate new simultaneous nano-technology based design tools within production and engineering processes
  • to assess vehicle components & systems integrated in larger entities (chassis, vehicle bodies).

Intermediate level:

  • to set up multi-scale (Nano-, Micro-, Macro-: NM2) design & engineering tools;
  • to develop innovative engineering and production processing solutions, for more cost-effective standardised production;
  • to set up testing procedures & standards for designing & producing reliable light alloy components

Basic level:

  • modelling of nano-scale phenomena involved in solidification processing of light alloys;
  • describing, starting from a nano-scale, the effects of a wide set of alloying elements on components behaviour

Project Plan

NADIA includes 24 Partners, and covers, into 8 WPs, the full design & production chain for automotive: materials producers & equipment suppliers, engineering & design companies, foundries, component & car manufacturers, linked with RTD centers & Universities, focussed on materials, processing, engineering, application. NADIA provides an integrated combination of materials, processes and the new NM2 simultaneous engineering tools for the production of automotive demonstrators.

Organizational Information Coordinator: Ing. Stefano Odorizzi EnginSoft (Italy) Contact: nadia@enginsoft.it